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The liquid symphony of joy

Wine, to me, is the liquid symphony of joy. It's about those endless moments of laughter and the clinking of glasses with friends and family, as the sun dips into the ocean's embrace or while we dangle our feet by the poolside's lazy waters. ERA'S is not just a name on a bottle; it's a toast to life, a collection of stories in every pour, a companion for the spontaneous celebrations when loved ones gather.

Every bottle of ERA'S wine is an invitation – to open, to savour, to cherish – with each day's end, a reminder that life, in all its complexity, is to be embraced with a smile and a sip, under the canopy of shared skies and shared dreams.



Cinsaut Rosé

R125 per bottle | Tasting notes


Chenin Blanc

R125 per bottle | Tasting notes



R155 per bottle | Tasting notes


How ERA'S got her name

My great-grandmother Elodie Rosina Adcock known as the Iron Lady, a strong force, a true maverick who rejected the constraints of her Victorian upbringing. She teemed with frustration that the boys were allowed their freedom to strip and swim in the river while she was forbidden. A respected chicken and cattle farmer, renowned in the community for her unstoppable determination, and steadfast rebellion against the stifling norms of her time.

My Grandmother Ouma Era was a force of nature. She owned an old Datsun bakkie that she fearlessly maneuvered through the streets of Pretoria, carrying sand and bricks with a spirit as unyielding as her will. Koop en verkoop was her thing. Ouma Era was not just a worker; she was a builder of dreams building and selling spec houses that stood as monuments to her relentless determination.

I always had the art of selling, a good appetite for wine, and a huge thirst for fun! When I embarked on the journey to create ERA'S, the name that would embody my spirit and heritage, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the formidable women who came before me. Their legacy of strength, resilience, and the pursuit of one’s dreams lives on in ERA`S, where we celebrate life, embrace adventure, and above all, treasure the unbreakable bond of family rebellion against the ordinary.



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